The Best Dirt & Asphalt Track Racing Shocks

The Best Dirt & Asphalt Track Racing Shocks

High Performance Racing Shocks (Dampers)

One of the most important parts to consider for your vehicle are high performance racing shocks or dampers. "Whether you're racing on the dirt track or asphalt, you need a quality damper that has a reputation for performance, both in technology and manufacturing," said Jason Enders, owner of RE Suspension High Performance Racing Parts. "There is art in manufacturing and tuning dampers to perform at peak levels for your car and we only sell proven, winning shocks."

All Hail the Great Damper!

So let's start at the beginning of the racing shocks story. Shocks (dampers) are used to dampen the bouncing spring on your vehicle. "Without the damper, your car will likely act like a mechanical bull, bucking as you run into bumps along the track," says Enders. "Not only would this be a pain-in-the-butt way to go through any kind of race, but it’s likely dangerous as well."

While your car is attempting to throw you out the window as though you were some professional bull rider, you are likely to lose control of the vehicle and possibly injure yourself in the process. With shocks in place, you will be able to control the movement of springs and suspension, ensuring that your tires stay firmly planted on the track at all times.

Even If you already have shock absorbers, it’s important to keep them up to date and have a close eye on whether or not they might need replacing. "Older shocks risk placing extra wear on your tires, ball joints, steering linkage and suspension parts," added Enders. "So we tell our racing customers to pay attention as to whether your vehicle rolls or sways on turns, rear-end squats when accelerating, bounces or slides on winding roads and even front-end dives when braking."

Our Best Dirt Track & Asphalt Racing Shocks

Thankfully, RE Suspension sells four of the most solid and admired shock brands:AFCO dirt and asphalt racing shocks and dampers from RE Suspension.

-  Penske

-  Ohlines

-  Bilstein


These custom-made shocks offer the same precision and exceptional performance trusted by pros. "Whether you're racing on dirt or track, you can rest assure that all four of these brands will deliver on a wide array of vehicles for your custom needs," says Enders.

And while we're on the subject of custom needs, let's talk about why this is such an important feature when it comes to shock absorbers. For one thing, each vehicle is different and faces its own individual obstacles depending on the specific race. Therefore, it is imperative that you find the right shock for you individual needs to help you guarantee success. Only at RE Suspension can you get the complete shock package for your specific race car.

Our RE Suspension Shock Brands Deliver on the Track

-  Better driver feel

-  Tons of room for adjustment and customization

-  The boss for reliability and repeatability

-  More control over bumps on the track

-  Stability where there was none

-  Incredible value and performance

"Give us a hit on our website to see all of the different models of shocks (dampers) that we carry," says Enders. "We can also customize these dampers based on a conversation we can have with you over the phone (or if we're in person!)." Shop our shocks store now.


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